from by NEW GRASS



we are to bloom
into the holy mess
of knots in our stomach

let go of the rope
that holds us above
what we don't know
(but we want to)

we were meant to swim;
children of the heat and wet,
some pads on the pond...

breathe belly out
with love in eyes,
if we can even see at all... heart unhinged;
this year, I've seen three fathers die
and i wonder why i haven't talked to mine,
bring me peace and confidence
and strength for whats next... the end of main street
there is a church from five generations before
and everyone we know
has lined the sidewalks
with clapped hands and red palms...
cheering on...

...formal white noise
it's a beautiful day!

"new day rising"
its time to say goodbye
but I'm not ready to die
i'm not ready to die
but I am not afraid

we are running along
we are running as fast as we can
fuck, it's a beautiful day
headed to the dreaded westward up hill battle,
beyond the mountains;
nothing guiding me to a light in the sky
with safety or certainty
its just you ampersand i

just keep me from the black lung
pallbearer waiting at the end of my casket
staring wide eyed
deer bright
keep trying to understand
why we keep counting our steps...


from FAKE DRUMS, released September 4, 2015



all rights reserved


NEW GRASS Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

New Grass is a one man musical project by me, Lucio Oquendo III. I'm currently located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and like to rock, and roll. Enjoy!

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